Jack Clark


Jack is the baby of Team Pure Limits but at only 16 is already a proficient CrossFit athlete, despite the fact that he’s still a relative newcomer to the sport.

He joined CrossFit Casey in 2013 to provide moral support and motivation for his Mum who was giving it a go. In 2015 he smashed the Open Games, coming 1st in his age group (teen division) in Victoria, 5th in Australia and 30th in the World.

He’s always been into sports, competing in swimming, gymnastics, inline skating and trampolining. Jack loves technical and weightlifting movements such as muscle ups, hand-stand-push-ups and pistol squats. His favourite lifts are the ‘Clean and Jerk’ and ‘Snatch’. His current Clean and Jerk is 115kg and his Snatch, 85kg, although at his rate of progress, these numbers will be higher in no time.

Jack’s new favourite workout is Fran, after just trying it for the first time and coming in at 2:37. What more can we say? Watch out for this kid!