RED Series Compression - Mens Long Tights

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Our RED Compression range was designed with one goal in mind - to help high rep and high intensity functional fitness athletes to perform better.

  • Compress your WOD times (perform better)

  • Be better the next day (recover better)

  • Built for athletes with quads

  • Built for high rep and/or high intensity functional fitness

  • Most technically advanced compression fabric on the planet

  • Australian made fabric

  • Contains 25% recycled plastics (eco friendly)

RED Compression delivers through our targeted and stronger compression specifically designed for high intensity functional athletes.

  • Increased performance

  • Faster recovery

  • Moisture management

  • Anti-bacterial properties

  • 50+ sun protection

Performance and Recovery

It has been shown in multiple scientific studies that wearing compression has a multitude of benefits on an athletes performance. The main benefit is that during physical activity, due to its compression on the muscles and veins it greatly increases the blood flow to those compressed areas. This lowers the concentration of lactic acid, improving the circulation of the blood and oxygenates the cells.

It also plays a huge role in recovery after intense exercise including strength workouts by increasing the blood flow to the targeted muscles allowing for the faster flushing of waste products away from the muscle groups.

Our RED Compression is specifically patterned to fit your major muscle groups for better performance. Our compression panels target and support your muscle groups to reduce movement and focus direction. The seams on our RED Compression are strategically placed to anchor the compression panels to focus the compression benefits along muscle utilization lines.

Our focussed super compressive fabric and unique pattern structure will enable

  • Less vibration in your muscles

  • Less soft tissue damage

  • Faster recovery and Less soreness after exercise

  • A decreased risk of muscular injury during times of fatigue 

RED Compression Fabric

Our athletes wanted a compression garment that was stronger than what was on the market currently and could stand the punishment of hundreds of squats, numerous box jumps, heavy cleans in addition to running. We tested compression fabrics for over a year with CrossFit and other high intensity functional athletes and our Australian Made Sorbtek fabric is by far the best compression fabric for high-intensity athletes on the planet. 

RED Design

Having awesome fabric is only half the equation. The compression needs to fit the type of athletes it is designed for and the design of the panels, structure and focus is just as important. 

RED Moisture management:

Our RED Compression draws your sweat away from the skin so you can stay drier and more comfortable. This allows your body to regulate its temperature more effectively which is a large factor in increased performance. During high-rep or high-intensity workouts your muscles can function at their optimal performance. 

RED 50+ UV protection

All of our RED Compression fabrics have a UV protection of 50+, which means you can get outdoors, train hard and not worry about sun related risks.


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  • 5
    Great Quality Product

    Posted by Karl on 30th Dec 2014

    Having already owned a pair of the original black series compression tights (which are fab BTW), i must say that this newer version takes it to a whole new level.
    I am someone who can pull up sore from leg dominant workouts or even multiple workouts in the same day (must be the age, haha!), I must say these new compressions have helped heaps!
    I wear them to bed when its been a big day. I sometimes suffer from leg cramps at night which can be bothersome but adding the tights into the equation has seen these cramps be minimised massively.
    The material is thicker than the last series & you are able to feel the quality in them as soon as you put them on.
    Overall i'm very happy with the end product and definitely would recommend them to anyone on the lookout for decent compression wear.
    They are definitely going to come in handy in winter too!

  • 5
    Love the quality

    Posted by Andy Jeffery on 26th Nov 2014

    I Just competed in a local comp in the new Red compression tights, Fantastic! you can tell the quality of the material. Love training and competing in them. Great job on the design you guys