David Jones


David is a top-performing Masters CrossFit athlete and Level 1 CrossFit instructor, who earned the 119th spot worldwide in the 2014 Masters CrossFit Games. He greatly improved that in 2015 finishing 2nd in the Mid-Atlantic region and 35th in the world in the Masters 40-44 division.

David grew up playing all types of sports; football, baseball, soccer, and wrestling. Always thriving on competition. After graduating high school, he joined the US Navy and spent 21 years in active duty as a Navy Diver. He discovered CrossFit in 2006 and was quickly hooked, completing his Level 1 certification in 2008 and again in 2011.

David’s Coach, 7 times Games athlete Ben Smith, describes him as ‘tenacious’, always pushing his hardest to attain every goal that’s put in front of him. Although he’s still new to competing, David’s won online events sponsored by pocket wod and plans on competing in the ‘granite games’, ‘wodapalooza’ and ‘garage games’ this year. As a father of four, David strives to be the best role model for his kids and CrossFit has become a way of life for his family.

David’s indulgence are Oreo cookies. His favorite movement is the Back Squat and favorite workout is ‘Eva T’. His least favorite workout is Fran - it’s those darned Thrusters. Best peace of advice: “It is the discipline and the focus and the tenacity that gets me through. Not my talent-I don’t have any” (Henry Rollins). Pure Limits is looking forward to updating everyone on David's progress and that magnificent beard!