Launching our #PUREATHLETE Campaign

Launching our #PUREATHLETE Campaign

Posted by Brent McArdle on 14th Jul 2015

We are excited to launch our #PUREATHLETE campaign celebrating the achievements of athletes of all types, all abilities and all ages.Here at Pure Limits we believe that it is not about your age, abili … read more

An engineer’s guide to accomplishing double unders

Posted by Brent McArdle ( on 29th Apr 2015

This is not just another “jump higher, spin the rope faster” post on how to accomplish double unders. I should know, I have read every single article out there, bought every type of skipping rope a … read more
Your Complete 12 Week Obstacle Race Training Guide

Your Complete 12 Week Obstacle Race Training Guide

Posted by Peter Norris on 23rd Nov 2014

Want to be supremely conditioned for your next obstable race? Follow this complete 12 week training guide designed by leading obstacle racer Peter Norris and you will be ready to take on anything t … read more

Everyday CrossFit Heroes

4th Jul 2013

One of the things that I love about CrossFit or that at least I believe CrossFit should be about, is that it is truly for everybody. I think this concept, while so simplistic, gets somewhat lost alon … read more

So you want to run a Tough Mudder?

Posted by Peter Norris on 4th Jul 2013

With the continued growth of Obstacle Racing and the World’s first Obstacle Racing League now established in Australia, there are more and more people taking on the challenge of competing in an obstac … read more